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Safety Product : Face Protection

Eyevex - suppliers of PPE Safety Products | Face Protection / Safety  | Face Shields | Face Protection Safety Shields.

We are one of the leading suppliers of PPE Safety Face Mask / Safety Face Shield / Safety Face protection products. Our products are of high Quality. We supply PPE in the markets of the UAE and all over the GCC Countries.

We are also among the leading suppliers of PPE face protection eqipmentin the following region. 

UAE  | Oman | Bahrain | Egypt | Kuwait | Saudi | Qatar | Iraq | Yemen | Jordan | Sri Lanka | Azerbaijan | Kazakhstan |Pakistan | Africa | India

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Low Peak/Climbing Helmet with Visor

Eyevex Face Protection SFC 45, 48 Clear
Face Shield


Eyevex Face Protection SFC 48 Dark
Face Shield



Eyevex Face Protection A2 Bracket
Visor Bracket


Eyevex Face Protection SCS 11
Chin Strap


Eyevex Face Protection SB1 YE (Yellow)
Visor Holding-Head Gear


EYEVEX Face Protection Splash Guard

Face shield with Clear Poly Carbonate Visor

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We Supply our Products to the following Countries in this region

UAE  | Oman | Bahrain | Egypt | Kuwait | Saudi | Qatar | Iraq | Yemen | Jordan | Sri Lanka | Azerbaijan | Kazakhstan Africa | India