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Safety Scaffolding Products

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Foot Protection

We are suppliers of PPE Safety Products | Foot Protection | High quality safety shoes | Safety boots with wide range of specifications and standards.

Eyevex gives foot protection for all types of industrial work with various types to choose from. 

We deal in HUNK Brands of safety shoes of all style and size. We cater to the region of Dubai, UAE and all the regions of GCC Countries.

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SHR 1133

Hunk Foot Protection SHR 1133 S3
Safety Rigger Welder Boot, S3


SHR 1134

Hunk Foot Protection SHR 1134
Rigger-Welder Boot (Steel Plate & Steel Toe Cap)



Hunk Foot Protection SHH 1135

High Ankle Safety Shoe



Hunk Foot Protection SHL 1136
Low Ankle Safety Shoe


SHE 3170-NEW

Hunk Foot Protection SHE 3170
Executive Safety Shoes



Hunk Foot Protection SSH 1137

High Ancle Safety Shoes


Hunk Foot Protection SHL 1138

Low Ankle Safety Shoes


Hunk Foot Protection SHH 1139
High Quality Safety Shoe


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