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Hand Protection

We are suppliers of PPE Safety Products Safety Hand Gloves | Hand Protection | Hand Protection Safety Products.

Our products are of high Quality. Our ranges of Safety hand gloves includes Impact resistant hand gloves, Anti-cutting protection hand gloves, Anti-vibration hand gloves, Heat resistant hand gloves, Electrical hand gloves, String knit gloves, Leather welding hand gloves, Industrial rubber hand gloves, Nylon hand gloves, Latex industrial hand gloves.

We cater to the region of Dubai, UAE and all over the GCC Countries

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Eyevex Hand Protection Glove SIRG 9100

Impact Resistant Glove

Anti-cutting Protection Level No.2

Eyevex Hand Protection Gloves SGK 45B

String Knit Gloves

Eyevex Hand Protection Gloves SGLO 109
Fluorescent TC orange latex gloves

Eyevex Hand Protection Glove SGN 901

Nitrile Palm Coated Glove Nylon Lined

Eyevex Hand Protection Glove SGLB 108

Latex Palm Coated


Eyevex Tig Welding Glove TWG 14

Leather Welding Gloves

Eyevex Hand Protection Gloves SWG 16R

Leather Welding Gloves

Eyevex Hand Protection Glove SHD 027

Industrial Rubber Gloves Black

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We Supply our Products to the following Countries in this region

UAE  | Oman | Bahrain | Egypt | Kuwait | Saudi | Qatar | Iraq | Yemen | Jordan | Sri Lanka | Azerbaijan | Kazakhstan Africa | India