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Work Wear

We are suppliers of PPE Safety Products | Protective Clothing | Work Wear Safety Products.

Our quality work wear product is designed to be suitable for construction workers, facility management staff, utility workers and the likes. Our product is made with high performance fabrics extremely resistance to tearing and color fading with a perfect fit. Our work wear provide maximum comfort & easy body movement.

We are leading suppliers of Oryx Work Wear, Oryx Protective Work Wear, FireWarrior Work Wear, Oryx Lab Coat, Oryx Winter Jacket, Oryx Rain Coat, Chemical Coveerall, Protective Wear, Cocoon Cold Store in UAE and in other regions of GCC

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Category: Work Wear

Oryx  PP Coverall SDC 5005

Category: Work Wear

Oryx Work Wear SDC 6004
Microporous Chemical Coverall, Antistatic


Category: Work Wear

Oryx Protective Work Wear OPCC 155

65/35 Polycotton coverall 155 -160 gsm

Category: Work Wear

Oryx Protective Work Wear OPCPS 160

65/35 Poly Cotton Pant & Shirt-160 gsm

Category: Work Wear

Oryx Elite Protective Work Wear OCW 240 E


Category: Work Wear

Oryx Premium Protective Work Wear OCW 260P

100% Cotton Premium Coverall-260 gsm

Category: Work Wear

FireWarrior FR Work Wear FW 2260 (FW 2250A)

Flame retardant 100% cotton coverall

Category: Work Wear

FireWarrior FR Work Wear FWNC 450

Flame retardant 100% Dupont Nomex work wear


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