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Fire Protection

We are suppliers of PPE Safety Products | Fire Blankets | Fire Extinguisher | Breathing Apparatus | First Aid Kit

Eyevex provides fire protectionfirst aid kits, breathing apparatus, blankets, fire extinguishers of different variant to keep you away from fire harm. Our product is known to its quality and performances.

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FireWarrior Fire Protection FW 606, FW 604, FW 404

Fire Blankets with PVC Cover


FireWarrior Fire Blankets Roll

FW 504, 0.5mm (Silver/White)

FW 510, 1.00mm (Gold/Yellow)

FW 517, 1.7mm (Gold/Yellow)


FireWarrior Fire Protection

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

FireWarrior Fire Protection

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher


FireWarrior Fire Protection

Foam Fire Extinguisher

FireWarrior Fire Protection

Water Fire Extinguisher

Smoke Detector Battery Operated

Fire Retardant Tarpaulin - FWT 2020/4040

100% Polyester 200x300D/18x12 inch

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