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Eye Wash

Eyevex Eye Wash Station EEBS 1000

Category: Eye Wash

Eyevex Eye Wash Station EEBS 1000
Eye Wash


Contains the necessary items for an efficient First Emergency eye wash

Thermo-formed, has a transparent lid

Can be easily wall-mounted with screw and plugs, supplied in the kit



  • 2 Sterile Saline Solution of 500 ml
  • 2 Integrated Eye cups
  • 1 Mirror


Dimensions: 410mm X 320mm X 75mm


  • To open pull lightly the transparent lid and it fall downward.
  • Take out one of the bottles, twist the Eye Cup cap, the security seal will break enabling you to use the solution.
  • The anatomic Eye Cup allows to direct the solution jet correctly, obtaining an efficient eye wash without any waste.
  • After washing your eye, the mirror can be useful to find out the eventual damages occurred.



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